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Details Slow Motion Booth allows your guests to experience non-stop LIVE VIDEO entertainment! Details Slow Motion Video Booth gives guests an immediate take away with LIVE Social Media Coverage with edited videos throughout the event.

Details Slow Motion Video Booth is available in most major cities - Nashville, Atlanta, St Louis, Cincinnati, Washington DC, Memphis, Asheville, Miami, Chicago, New York.  If you don't see your city listed - contact us for info!


Chicken Chases Fox

Details Video

At the CMA Festival, sometimes you find chickens, foxes, and crazy haired singers. We captured all of these things and more in our slow-motion booth!

Grouplove (Not the Band)

Details Video

What? You came to CMAFest 2014 with a group of friends? You're mad because area restaurants can't seat your whole party? Mad because there aren't enough bathroom stalls to accomodate everybody? Just come let out your frustrations in our Slow-Mo Booth. It can hold endless amounts of people will to jump around, act crazy, and loose their minds.

Up and Down and All Around

Details Video

Alright folks, take some Dramamine before watching these. You may get motion sickness. As far as we know, none of the participants got sick while in the booth, but we are still investigating footage to be sure.

Dance Until You're Stopped

Details Video

This is a wonderful collection of people dying to let loose and dance their hearts out. At the same time, they have natural adversaries attempting to stop them and their groove. I have a hunch if we followed these people around immediately afterwards, there could be some conflicts...

The Chicks Rock-and-Sock

Details Video

Broadway has been overrun by beautiful women that are solely interested in rocking out and smashing people with foam objects. Join them if you dare, but don't say you weren't warned. #CMTrocksCMA

Bring on the Band

Details Video

If you're a fan of country music, then you're a fan of this video. Watch as these folk have a great time playing their instruments in slow motion!